What Is Low Iron Glass?


Have you taken a close look at a clear glass panel recently? Probably not. After all, standard clear glass is a perfectly good option for most interior design applications. However, for those seeking perfection, an even clearer type of glass awaits: low iron glass.

Ultra-clear low iron glass


Low iron glass is the clearest type of glass available to designers. But what exactly is the difference between standard clear glass and low iron glass? As politicians are fond of saying, let us be crystal clear…

Low iron glass vs. standard glass – what’s the difference?

Put simply, low iron glass is another way of saying “ultra-clear glass.” As the name suggests, it has a much lower iron content than standard glass, which carries a slight green tint. This contrast is best seen when comparing the two types of glass side by side – a subtle difference, but an important one, as we’ll explain in a bit.


Low iron and clear glass compared


To create ultra-clear glass sheets, technicians use a few scientific tricks. The key is to use a glass formula containing an extremely low iron content, combined with a ferric oxide content of just 0.01%. This results in a beautifully clear, neutral-coloured glass with clearer edges and more natural light able to pass through.

Much more minimalism

Low iron glass is a popular chose for designers seeking a highly minimalist look. With its pure, ultra-clear glass sheen, the glass is perfect for all manner of domestic and commercial applications. A prime example is back painted glass – by using crystal clear glass instead of the standard version, the painted colour shows off its true tone and character without interference from the slight green tint of iron.


Metallic red painted low iron glass


Frameless shower enclosures are another space suited to low iron glass. The greater transparency helps show off your chosen tiles or feature wall with an unaffected view. The same goes for many other products we’ve highlighted in this blog recently: glass table tops, glass shelves, glass floors and stairs, glass balustrades, glass partitions, and interior glass doors.


Frameless shower made with low iron glass


As a bonus, low iron glass can be toughened and laminated in exactly the same way as standard glass. This offers the best of both worlds: the peace of mind of EN 14449 “safety glass” combined with a luxury, minimalist appeal.

As a premium product, ultra-clear glass comes in at a higher price point than standard clear glass. The manufacturing process is more complex and expensive, as it requires meticulous removal of most of the iron content from every glass sheet. If you’re thinking about ordering low iron glass for your next project, make sure to weigh the cost factor against your desired level of luxury and minimalism.

At abc Glass, we are always happy to field questions about our ultra-clear glass products. If you have any questions over cost, lead time, or the manufacturing process itself, please reach out to our team via phone or email. Our experts will guide you through the process of using low iron glass in a domestic or commercial setting, ensuring that you get value for money.