Fire Glass

We offer fire-resistant glass suitable for use in a variety of internal doors and framing systems. As we hold fire-resistant glass in stock, we can usually cut and process this product to your exact requirements within 24 hours.

Fire-resistant glass cut to size

Bought in large untoughened sheets, fire rated glass is cut to size by abc’s glass processing specialists. The laminating process for fire safety glass, which consists of a clear intumescent gel interlayer that performs when exposed to fire, is done by the manufacturer.  At abc Glass Processing we supply cut to size fire glass suitable for a wide variety of interior framed applications, such as glass doors and glass partitions, to meet building regulations and help prevent the spread of fire.

We Hold 30 Minute Rated Fire Glass In Stock With More Varieties Available To Order. Contact Us For Fire Rated Glass

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Fire safety glass

Created to endure higher temperatures, the fire-resistance of fire rated glass – the period of protection given as a barrier against flames and smoke – depends on the rating identified in a fire-resistance test to comply with British Fire Test Standards.

In line with this fire-resistance classification and building safety regulations, your laminated fire safety glass will have a finished thickness of 7mm with a 30-minute fire integrity rating. This means the glass will remain in its frame and block fire when exposed to fire for 30 minutes. But different specifications of fireproof glass can be supplied for larger orders and one-off projects.

Order first-rate fire rated glass today

With almost 20 years’ experience supplying high-quality clear fireproof glass cut to size for myriad uses in commercial environments, allow the abc Glass Processing team the opportunity to deliver the very best. Should you need advice on the best type of fire glass for your project, get in touch with our expert glass processing team.