Close up of glass stair balustrade

Glass Stair Balustrades

We manufacture all types of glass stair balustrades to suit any home or commercial space. From the smooth minimalism of a frameless glass balustrade to the eye-catching effect of spindled glass, our toughened glass balustrades are stylish, contemporary and durable in equal measure. What’s more, our glass cutting technology allows us to work with your exact specifications to produce a fully bespoke glass balustrade design for your staircase.

Glass stair balustrades are a stunning alternative to traditional wooden newel posts. As well as letting in more light, glass balustrades create a sense of spaciousness and elegance unmatched by wood or metal.

Our five main types of toughened glass staircase balustrades are:

  • Frameless glass balustrades
  • Rebated balustrades
  • Glass spindles
  • Glass risers
  • Stand-off brackets

These options allow for a wealth of different staircase designs. Depending on your preferences, you can forego handrails altogether with a frameless glass balustrade; integrate glass risers using hidden fixing bolts; or use individual glass panes to form glass spindles instead of newel posts.

Can We Help With Your Glass Stair Balustrade?

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Glass Stairs with Decorative Laminated Glass

For a totally unique look, why not augment your glass stair balustrade with our decorative laminated glass? Our team can create a fully bespoke decorative glass balustrade design using six of our stock patterns. These patterns are created using cutting-edge digital printing technology; we then bond the fabric or mesh interlayer between two or more sheets of pressure-toughened glass. The result is a luxurious design with transparent patterns to transform any staircase.

Furthermore, you can customise your decorative laminated glass balustrade by adding a sandblasted or frosted effect. Alternatively, you can combine your chosen pattern with any background colour from the RAL colour chart for a completely bespoke glass colour scheme.


If you have an idea for a new glass stair balustrade design, feel free to get in touch with our expert glass processing team. We will listen carefully to your design preferences and produce a high quality glass staircase fit for any home or interior space.