This glass has been sandblasted to give a frosted or etched finish

Sandblasted & Frosted Glass

With our sandblasting capabilities, we can produce obscure mirrors or frosted glass (toughened and processed) to your exact requirements for a wide variety of applications. This includes patterning, lettering and glass etching designs for mirrors, signs and shower screens.

What is sandblasted glass?

Sandblasted glass (also known as frosted glass, obscure glass, opaque glass, satin glass and glass etching) is an effect that can be applied to an entire sheet surface or select areas of the glass for a frosted appearance.

Sandblasting is desirable for two reasons:

  1. It gives a texturally interesting, stylish touch to a variety of glass products used in both domestic and commercial settings
  2. It provides an extra “layer” of privacy to glass used in areas such as bathrooms and meeting rooms

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What sandblasted or frosted glass products are offered by abc?

A sandblasted finish can be applied to any clear or tinted glass types offered by abc Glass Processing, excluding fire resistant glass. Popular applications for sandblasted glass are shower screens, glass signs, mirrors, internal glazing, splashbacks and table tops.

“Block Print”, where the middle third of the glass is sandblasted leaving the top and bottom thirds of the glass clear, is often favoured for shower screens and partitions. Our glass processing experts can mask the glass to create patterns such as stripes, lettering or designs supplied by you for something unique. We also have a selection of standard border designs to choose from should you need some inspiration.

A RITEC ClearShield coating can be applied to most of our glass products, which is especially effective on sandblasted glass and frosted glass doors. ClearShield is a non-stick system that stops the build-up of dirty finger marks, watermarks and lime scale so your glass stays pristine.

Sandblasted or frosted glass is also available for glass balustrades but with laminated balustrade glass the effect is achieved by using a frosted interlayer between the sheets of glass rather than the glass being sandblasted directly for effect.

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