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Glass Partitions & Room Dividers

As expert glass fabricators and processors, we can supply toughened safety glass for single pane glass partitions and room dividers. With our own toughening plant, and advanced glass machining capabilities, we can supply single sheets or bulk quantities in shapes and large sizes. Whether you have a bespoke home interior project or commercial interior fit out, we can supply the high-quality glass you require.

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Glass Partitions

Bespoke Glass For Interior Partition Walls

If we’ve piqued your interest, look no further than abc Glass.  As expert fabricators, we can supply toughened interior glass for single pane internal partition walls in 10-12mm thicknesses and sizes up to 3m x 2m to suit your needs. With our advanced cnc and waterjet machining capabilities, we can accurately shape glass and create detailed cutouts for patch fittings such as clamps, hinges and holes for attaching handles. We also offer a variety of glass types for partitions including standard glass, Opticlear, bronze or grey tinted glass and even partially or fully sandblasted partitions.

Operating our own toughening plant means that we can offer short lead times of as little as 7 working days and because glass machining and toughening is all completed in house, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards. In addition to glass toughening, we also offer heat soak tested glass for projects demanding the highest safety standards.

Abc Glass Processing have been supplying high quality toughened glass to internal glass partition specialists and construction companies for more than 20 years. We are proud of the reputation we have earned for high quality glass, short lead times, and exemplary customer service. Please contact us today to discuss your partition glass requirements.

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Glass Partitions

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Further information about toughened glass glass partitions for homes and commercial interiors can be found in the expansion panels below. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do contact us.

The benefits of installing glass partitions

Most popular in commercial settings, glass room dividers are used to create distinctions between different areas. For instance, communal areas and private offices. However, unlike traditional dividing walls, you won’t have to compromise on design or lose out on natural light.

Instead, glass partitions enable you to maintain clear sight lines and an inviting spacious feel in potentially stuffy offices. They also help to retain heat in large spaces and act as a sound barrier to ensure quiet work areas. On top of that, full or partially sandblasted designs can be used to add aesthetic appeal and enhance privacy. Ideal for meeting and conference rooms.

Alternatively, glass partitions may be included in luxury homes as contemporary design features. Or as seamless room separators for open-plan layouts to allow light to pass between spaces. Examples include frosted glass division walls bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as clear internal glass walls for subtly separating kitchens from lounges. They are also popular in wine cellars, allowing you to showcase collections and effectively regulate room temperature.

Below are some examples of how glass partitions can be used in domestic and commercial environments.

Note: abc Glass Processing only product glass for partitions, we do not supply complete glass partitioning systems or install them.

How do glass partitions work?

Glass partitions are made from large sheets of toughened safety glass which extend from floor to ceiling. These are then anchored into position with the help of slim metal channels or patch fittings. Additionally, multiple sheets of glass can be placed alongside each other to create full-length internal glass walls. Learn all about glass partition zoning on our blog.

In addition, our advanced CNC and water jet cutting machines enable us to create accurately placed holes for hinges and patch fittings. And we can also provide frameless glass doors available to complement your room divider and improve accessibility.

Note: abc Glass Processing supplies glass for interior partitions only and does not install complete systems.

Are glass room dividers safe?

At abc Glass, each of the robust glass room partitions we create are toughened according to strict European safety standards. In fact, we temper each glass sheet in our furnace to make it at least five times stronger than standard glass. And in the unlikely event that it does break, toughened glass will shatter into small pieces rather than large sharp shards.

With that said, if you’d like more reassurance, you could upgrade to heat soaked glass. This is most often requested for commercial installations, or where replacing broken glass partitions would prove tricky. Essentially, heat soaking involves testing safety glass for microscopic nickel sulphide inclusions. If present, they can cause glass to shatter spontaneously. But with additional testing, around 95% of affected panes can be identified and replaced prior to fitting.

As well as glass toughening, we can also use sandblasting to add carefully positioned patterns or designs to improve the visibility of the glass. This is a popular option for glass office partitions to prevent staff and visitors walking into these discreet dividers.

Who do we work with?

As established suppliers of sheets of glass for partitions, we generally work with specialist installation companies on commercial projects. These range from office revamps to library and gym upgrades. Alongside bulk orders, we also supply one-off glass wall panels for domestic projects upon request. Just bear in mind that we supply the glass only, rather than full partitioning systems. You will therefore need a professional installer to complete your project.

What is the lead time for glass partitions?

Our team can typically manufacture clear and tinted toughened glass room separators within 1 week. However, you can expect to wait up to 14 days for more complex sandblasted designs.

Glass delivery information

We operate a fleet of delivery vehicles staffed by our own drivers, ensuring the highest standards of customer and product care. Our delivery service is free, with weekly delivery routes operated throughout the south of England. Regular delivery areas are shown on the map below. We can deliver glass to areas outside of our usual delivery area for large projects. Our free delivery service accommodates both single sheets of glass and bulk orders.

abc Glass Processing free delivery area map