Blue painted glass kitchen splash back

Glass Splashbacks

We can produce glass splashbacks and glass wall panels for kitchens, bathrooms and other interior spaces. These can be made in various thicknesses and sizes with either painted, printed, frosted or mirrored finishes. Our experts can also measure, template and install splashbacks for customers within Hampshire, West Sussex and East Dorset.

What are the benefits of glass splashbacks?

A panel that protects a wall from splashes, glass splashbacks can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, cloak rooms, utility rooms or anywhere requiring a wall covering with functionality and flair. The main reasons cooker splashbacks, shower splashbacks and alike are such a good investment for your property are that they:

  • Provide wall protection – Kitchen splashbacks will protect your walls from potential cooking stains and heat damage while shower splashbacks will protect your walls from watermarks and limescale. Glass splashbacks give full coverage while tiled splashbacks are more vulnerable as they have grouting gaps between them.
  • Are easy to install – While the installation of a tiled kitchen splashback or bathroom splashback can be quite time-consuming, abc Glass Processing offers a quick and easy supply and fit service.
  • Look fantastic ­– As well as creating made-to-measure glass splashbacks for each customer, we can colour-match your splashback to the rest of your décor or create a statement piece with our glass painting service and apply specific finishes at the glass processing stage.
  • Are hygienic and easy to clean – With no grout to attract dirt, grease and mould, glass splashbacks can be simply wiped clean as required and will look as good as new in no time.
  • Provide value for money – When compared like for like, tiles often seem the less costly option. But when you consider the strength, safety standards and quality of our glass splashbacks they trump tiles by far.

Splashback style selection

When you order a made-to-measure splashback from abc Glass, we can make it bespoke in every way so it becomes a real asset to your kitchen or bathroom design. We can create glass splashbacks with the following finishes: clear, frosted or printed.

If a clear glass splashback is not your thing, we offer a whole host of glorious glass splashback colours – think calming white glass splashbacks, wow-factor pink glass splashbacks and suave black glass splashbacks –  and our splashbacks can be:

  • Painted in any standard colour from our RAL colour charts
  • Painted in any custom-colour matched by our in-house glass painting experts
  • Finished with a solid, metallic or glitter effect – mirror splashbacks are popular too

Can We Help With Your Painted Or Printed Glass Splashback?

023 92 678 222 or email us [email protected].

Printed glass splashbacks 

A popular choice for modern interiors and traditional households alike, we can produce printed glass splashbacks of exceptional quality. Each custom-printed glass splashback can feature an image (perhaps a favourite artwork, vista, brand logo or family photo) that is digitally printed onto glass in either full colour or black and white. The print is interlayered between glass sheets, offering better protection and durability for a personalised splashback that is sure to bring many years of pleasure.

8 steps to splashbacks: measuring to installation

The skilled and experienced abc Glass Processing team will see through your glass splashback project from start to finish: measuring your splashback space, processing the glass for your piece, creating your splashback and then installing it in place. Quite simply, the various stages are:

  1. You contact us with your requirements and measurements for an idea of cost and timings.
  2. We visit you to take the final measurements and provide an accurate quotation. We can also bring glass samples for you to look at, if you have not visited our showroom before.
  3. On acceptance of quotation we make up MDF templates based our measurements, which will be our guide when we cut the glass.
  4. We cut the glass to size using one of our state-of-the-art machines.
  5. The glass is tempered in our toughening plant.
  6. Next, we will drill any holes and cut-outs for sockets and wires etc.
  7. After polishing the edges, we will apply any glass painting.
  8. Once in its final form, we will come and install your splashback at a mutually agreed time.

Should you prefer a supply only service, we are happy to provide that too, no matter the quantity required. Let the abc Glass Processing team know your glass splashback needs and we will create stunning glass shower walls or kudos-worthy kitchen splashbacks that you will love. Our splashback measuring and installation services are offered in the red shaded area shown on the map below.

abc Glass Processing glass splashback installation service area map