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Glass Balustrades & Balconies

From commercial offices to residential homes, glass balustrades provide a stylish alternative to traditional safety railings. Whether your client needs to secure an upper floor balcony or fence off an outdoor pool, these aesthetically pleasing panels could be ideal. And abc Glass can supply toughened or laminated designs in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes to suit.

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Balustrades & Balconies

Tailor-made framed & frameless glass balustrades

Why go for high-maintenance wooden posts or unappealing metal railings when you could upgrade to space-enhancing balcony glass? Our external glass balustrades offer a safe yet unobtrusive architectural feature for buildings with raised terraces, Juliet balconies, patios and more. And we also create balustrade glass for indoor spaces like landings and staircases.

As all of our glass is made to order, your clients will have numerous design options, including frameless or framed balustrading. Frameless designs are clamped into a floor mounted rail and grant seamless views, even from a seated position. Whereas framed balcony balustrades are either butted together with a capping rail or fixed between slim poles for minimal visual interruption. They are typically fitted with handrails – the perfect leaning spot when standing.

Simply provide the measurements and we’ll cut the glass you need to any size and tolerance. Using high-tech CNC machines, we can also include cut-outs for the fixtures from a template. Need brackets and stand-off fittings to attach the glass balustrades? We can source those too.

Balcony glass types and thicknesses

Other customisation options include tinting, colouring or frosting the glass for more privacy, alongside tailoring the glass type and thickness. At abc Glass, we fabricate both toughened glass and laminated glass. Framed versions are generally 10-12mm thick and tempered to withstand impact. In the unlikely event the glass breaks, it will shatter into blunt pieces.

Frameless glass balustrades, on the other hand, are thicker and must be laminated. This ensures they don’t shatter and leave an unprotected space that would pose a danger. For commercial projects with strict safety regulations, we can supply toughened laminated glass.

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Glass Balustrades

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For more information and to see examples our glass balustrades, please view the expansion panels below.

See customer glass balustrade examples

We supply glass to glass balustrade installation specialists, glass companies, property developers and more. Here are a selection of projects that we have supplied balustrade glass for.

What is a glass balustrade?

Glass balustrades are a modern type of railing system made out of toughened or laminated glass. They may be framed or frameless, and can be used in interior and exterior settings, like staircases, upper floor balconies, raised terraces and patio areas. The main purpose of reinforced glass balustrades is to provide a safety barrier, especially at height. Though they can also be used as decorative security fencing around ground floor pools and decks.

Frosted glass balustrades

What is a Juliet balcony?

While classic balconies extend out from a building, Juliet balconies do not have a deck area, so you can’t step out onto them. Commonly found in urban areas where space is limited, they consist of a balustrade that is attached directly to the exterior wall of the building. French or sliding doors are typically positioned behind the protective barrier. Together, the balcony and glazed doors give the illusion of more space, better ventilation and a sense of outdoor living.

A modern glass Juliet balcony

Benefits of glass balustrades

Uninterrupted views & more light

One of the key advantages of glass balustrades is the ability to create an unobstructed view without compromising on safety. The design allows for maximum visibility, making it ideal for applications where sightlines are important, such as balconies, terraces and pool areas. The transparency of the glass also means more natural light can reach your living spaces.  

Robust & low maintenance

Made from either toughened or laminated glass, our glass balustrades are highly resistant to breakage. And you can even upgrade to heat soaked models for added peace of mind. On top of that, unlike wood railings which degrade over time, balcony glass withstands weathering and lasts for years. As such, there’s no need for repainting or resealing – simply wipe it clean.

Aesthetic appeal

Glass balustrades and balcony glass offer a minimalist aesthetic favoured by designers looking to create a contemporary and open space. These versatile glass panels can be either frameless or framed, with or without a handrail, depending on the desired look. They can also be fully transparent, frosted, tinted or coloured to add interest and an extra layer of privacy.

Balustrading services offered by abc Glass

  • Thermal-resistant toughened balcony glass/ toughened and laminated glass cut to size complying to safety standard EN12150.
  • Laminated glass cut to size for balustrades – two pieces of glass bonded to a transparent (sometimes coloured/ patterned) PVC interlayer so the panel remains in one piece even if broken.
  • Various glass types: standard clear glass, ultra-clear (Opti-white) glass and blue or grey tinted glass.
  • ClearShield glass coating to minimise the amount of cleaning needed – prevents the buildup of water marks, calcium stains and dirt.
  • Precise cutting and machining – using computer-controlled cutting, we can produce glass balustrades and balcony glass to fine tolerances. abc Glass can also add precision cutouts to accept fittings if required.
  • Heat soaked glass – where additional safety standards must be met, such as for commercial projects, abc Glass can also supply heat soak tested balcony glass.

Ordering balcony glass from us

If you’re a contractor seeking a reliable balustrade glass supplier, look no further than abc Glass Processing. From single toughened glass balustrades to multiple shatterproof laminated panels for a frameless design, our experienced team has it covered. The whole process is carried out in house using state-of-the-art cutting technology and some hand-detailing too.

Better yet, lead times are as little as 7-10 days depending on the complexity of the panel. We operate a fleet of delivery vehicles staffed by our own drivers, ensuring the highest standards of customer and product care. Our delivery service is free, with weekly delivery routes operated throughout the south of England. Regular delivery areas are shown on the map below. We can deliver glass to areas outside of our usual delivery area for large projects. Alternatively, you can collect your glass from our Portsmouth factory.

abc Glass Processing free delivery area map