Computerised water jet precision cutting holes in glass

Water Jet Glass Cutting & Shaping

At the start of the glass processing phases, we offer precision water jet glass cutting in thicknesses up to 150mm. This includes the neat and efficient production of intricate shapes and cut-outs for glass and mirrors to your custom requirements.

What is water jet glass cutting?

The use of high-pressure water for erosion dates back to hydraulic mining in the mid-1800s but it was not until the 1930s that the power of narrow jets of water were recognised and introduced as an industrial cutting device for paper.

Water jet cutting, which combines an extremely high pressure jet of water with an abrasive substance (garnet), is excellent for achieving the cleanest and most accurate cut for more complex shapes in glass and is a favourite method of the abc team.

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Precision water jet cutting at abc

The Intermac Primus Water Jet used by abc Glass Processing is a 3-axis machine capable of cutting just about any material – from stone to metal and from glass to plastic – in a wide range of thicknesses.

Water jet is used for cutting more complex shapes that cannot be cut, or would be very difficult to achieve, by hand or with a CNC glass cutting machine. You can cut just about any shape with the water jet, including right angles and even tighter angles.

Although water jet cutting of glass is faster and can cut more intricate shapes than CNC cutting, it can only produce a smooth (flat) arrissed edge to the glass. The CNC machine can cut complex shapes but cannot cut small intricate details or internal right angles, while polishing the edge of the glass. CNC can do much of what the water jet does but cannot provide match its level of fine detail.

When does water jet cutting of glass happen?

Our precision water jet cutting service takes place prior to glass toughening so that your exact shape requirements can be met from the start. To achieve your exact design requirements, our skilled team can work with either DXF files (associated with CAD) or from using own templates that can be scanned and converted into DXF files at our Portsmouth plant.

Quality water jet cutting that’s clear to see

There are a number of high quality water jet glass cut products on show in our Portsmouth showroom but you can get a taste for the intricacies, curves and angles that can be achieved from our beautiful blue glass “abc” blue glass cut-out.


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