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Whether you’re a contractor working on a poolside upgrade or a garden designer seeking an alternative to traditional fencing, we’ve got you covered. Backed by over 20 years’ experience, we can manufacturer custom laminated glass fence panels for various outdoor applications. Think clear frameless glass garden screens, tinted swimming pool safety fences and much more.

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Bespoke glass fence panels for pools & gardens

As a leading supplier of safety glass for fences, we understand the importance of combining both durability and aesthetic appeal. Transparent, tinted or frosted, contemporary glass fence panels are a great way to mark your garden’s boundary without blocking light or obscuring views. Additionally, we can also manufacture matching panels for glass gates to complete the look.

Meanwhile, the glass we produce for swimming pool fences is primarily designed to keep children and pets safe near outdoor pools. Yet, there are still plenty of customisation options. Your customers can choose to maintain uninterrupted sight lines throughout their garden by opting for clear glass fence panels. Or they can add privacy and visual interest by integrating frosting, a coloured tint or a decorative interlayer. Just let us know what they’d prefer and we’ll create it.

Whichever style they choose, all of our glass for garden fence panels is laminated for maximum safety. And while we’re flexible on shape and size, glass supplied for outdoor use is at least 15mm thick. As such, homeowners can rest assured that their garden is safe and secure.

Framed vs frameless glass for fences

Don’t want to hide your client’s new pool behind unappealing railings but need to install a safety barrier? Looking for ways to make the most of the view from their house or garden while defining different areas? Then why not swap bulky fencing with spindles for sleek frameless glass garden screens instead?

Panels fixed in place with floor brackets offer the perfect seam-free solution – both when seated and standing. Alternatively, glass fence panels secured with a metal post and bracket system offer another discreet option. Either way, our team can cut precise holes in the glass to accommodate the fittings using advanced CNC and waterjet technology. And if you’re adding a gated entryway too, we will ensure the glass has suitably placed cutouts for the hinges and fastenings. All you need to do is provide measurements or a template for us to work from.

Or you may be installing a framed pool safety fence with glass panels to allow light through. In this case, we can supply laminated glass sheets to slot perfectly into the wood or metal frame.

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Glass Fence Panels

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For more information about our safety glass for garden fences and pool safety fencing, please view the expansion panels below.

Why install a glass swimming pool fence?

There are many reasons to opt for a glass pool safety fence over classic metal or timber options. Firstly, the transparent nature of clear and tinted glass panels allows for increased visibility over the area – crucial  if you’re supervising children or pets.

Likewise, laminate glass pool balustrades are extremely robust and even if impacted, they will maintain their shape. As such, when positioned side by side, they create a safety barrier that prevents accidental access to the water, a key safeguarding feature for family households with pools, ponds and water features. On top of that, glass fence panels can also provide some protection from the elements for those swimming or lounging around the pool.

In terms of aesthetics, glass swimming pool fences offer a seamless modern finish. And there are a host of styles available, including clear and tinted panels, plus frosted privacy glass.

Finally, our glass for fences is very low-maintenance compared to wood and it won’t rust over time. It’s also easy to wipe clean and unaffected by moisture – ideal for around outdoor pools.

What are the benefits of glass garden screens?

Glass garden fences offer a multitude of benefits for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor space. Clear panels are particularly popular in rural areas as they allow for unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. This is great if your client’s back garden leads out onto fields or woodland, for example. Plus, they can also create a sense of openness and spaciousness in smaller gardens, while still securing your property’s boundary.

Meanwhile, frosted glass fence panels can be used to enhance privacy within your garden. For instance, to screen more intimate areas, such as around a hot tub, while still letting some light through. They’re also useful for overlooked city gardens that feel exposed without some sort of fencing, but where space and light often come at a premium. Frosted glass can also look very attractive when softly backlit at night – perfect for creating a cosy outdoor space.

Alternatively, you could integrate a glass screen complete with decorative mesh interlayer as a unique garden feature. These can also be used to define separate zones within your garden as part of a landscaping design. Or simply to create a visually appealing patio windbreak.


What is the importance of laminated glass for pool fencing?

At abc Glass, we fabricate a range of safety glass options, including toughened and laminated glass in a range of thicknesses. If impacted to the point of breaking, toughened glass is designed to shatter into fine pieces to prevent cuts from large shards. While this is useful in many scenarios, it isn’t ideal for use around swimming pools where people may be barefoot or when a protective barrier must be maintained.

Instead, we’d recommend laminated glass for outdoor glass fence panels. This is made by sandwiching a layer of PVC between two pieces of glass and bonding them together. The result is a durable glass panel that will hold together if broken, rather than shattering into pieces. Perfect for protecting against accidents and injuries, especially where children play.


Order tailor-made glass for fence panels from abc Glass

From single glass garden screens to full perimeter fencing orders, we can supply as many shatterproof laminated panels as required. This includes both frameless and framed designs, cut to size with necessary slots for fittings and smooth polished edges.

Lead times on orders are generally between 1-2 weeks, with decorative panels and those featuring multiple cutouts taking slightly longer. Once complete, you can either collect your panel from our Portsmouth factory directly. Or we can arrange free delivery to local areas across the south of England each week – see the map below to confirm your eligibility. For bulk orders, we also deliver to locations further afield. Just speak to a member of our team.

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