5 Stunning Stairways With a Glass Balustrade


When it comes to interior design, there are virtually no limits to what you can do with glass. Fancy some wow-factor in your garden? Glass garden features are your friend. Zoning off a room without using a wall? Simply put up a glass partition. However, the most popular glass trend we’re seeing now is something much different: glass balustrades for staircases.

Glass staircase balustrade with dark oak steps

There’s nothing to revitalise the hallway quite like a new glass staircase. After all, your stairs are often the first thing people see when they walk through the front door. To meet this demand, we’ve partnered with staircase specialists Multi-Turn to design some truly stunning glass balustrades for staircases.

There are a number of benefits to glass balustrades for staircases. These include:

  • More natural light – glass staircases let more light in, brightening your staircase and leaving a clear view
  • Illusion of more space – as with any glass feature, the see-through nature of the material tricks the eye into seeing more space
  • Aesthetics – glass staircases boast a wow-factor unmatched by any other material.
  • Long lasting & durable – with abc Glass’s low-maintenance clear toughened glass, your stairway should last a lifetime

So, what are the main types of glass balustrades for staircases? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at five of our original glass staircase projects, each showing a different approach to glass staircase design.


1. Rebated balustrade

Rebated glass balustrade in new build home staircase

Rebated balustrades are one of the most popular design solutions for glass staircases. It simply involves fitting the glass panel into a tight groove in the woodwork, creating a near-seamless look. The two examples above show rebated glass at its finest, taken from a bespoke residential side in Romsey.


2. On Brackets

Large glass balustrade with stand off brackets

For larger projects with longer balustrades – such as this huge landing in Southampton – a glass brackets system does the trick. This particular style is called “stand-off” brackets, which leaves ample space between wood and glass. It’s also common to find glass fitted by stainless steel clamps to the railings and posts. This leaves a slither of space around the entire edge of the glass pane.


3. Glass Risers

Staircase glass risers with built-in LED lights

For a more elaborate look, why not choose glass risers for your next staircase? Risers can be seamlessly blended into the design using hidden fixing bolts, like this recent project (above). We used small sheets of 12mm toughened glass below each step, combined with discreet in-built lighting that reflects the surface. As glass staircases go, it doesn’t get more luxurious!


4. Structural glass

Structured glass balustrade with no handrail

Frameless balustrades are popular with homeowners seeking a minimalist look. For this private house in Guildford, we used 12mm toughened structural glass – integrated into the wooden staircase – for an incredible “freestanding” effect. With no handrails or traditional supports, the entire glass structure has a unique look.


5. Glass spindles

Glass spindles rebated into staircase balustrades

Most glass panels found on staircases are large and imposing. But with glass spindles you can create a totally different look, inspired by traditional balusters but with all the advantages of glass. Small individual panes are rebated into to the staircase structure, with no need for brackets. The end result is a light, airy and seamless look that any homeowner would be keen to show off.


To find out more about our glass balustrades for staircases, or how you can incorporate glass into the home, please speak to our expert team. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have, and to help you on your way to a stunning new glass staircase.