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Elevate Your Safety Standards with Our New Heat Soak Glass

When it comes to glass installations in both domestic and commercial settings, safety is a top priority. Especially when fitting protective balustrades and above-ground barriers. But the risk of spontaneous breakage due to hidden nickel sulphide impurities is a constant concern. Hence why we’ve introduced a new heat soak glass service – a game-changer in improving the safety of glass structures. Read all about heat soak glass and its various benefits below.

What is heat soak tested glass?

Heat soaking is a process that involves subjecting toughened glass to high temperatures to check for the presence of nickel sulphide. Invisible to the naked eye, these tiny particles are sometimes formed during the manufacturing and tempering process.

A sheet of shattered toughened safety glass

The newly fabricated glass is cooled quickly and the nickel sulphide inclusions don’t have time to return to their original temperature. They therefore continue to expand, putting a strain on the glass which can lead to spontaneous shattering. 

Heat soak glass testing oven at abc Glass processing in Portsmouth

However, by heating the glass in a 290 degree oven for a few hours, 95% of defective panes can be identified. This is because the vast majority will break under the pressure of a radical temperature change. Those able to withstand the heat are much less likely to shatter later. In fact, the likelihood of a breakage is reduced from 1m² in 10,000m² to just 1m² in 1 million m²!

Why upgrade to heat soak glass?

British Standard EN12150 ensures that all toughened safety glass manufactured in the UK meets a minimum tolerance. This is designed to reduce the risk of injury if broken. However, it unfortunately doesn’t eliminate the risk posed by nickel sulphide impurities. The heat soak process involves more rigorous testing to highlight any weaknesses in the glass we supply.

Laminated glass floor panel above an indoor swimming pool

This ensures that only the strongest and most reliable pieces are used in your architectural designs. And that it has greater thermal resistance too. This makes heat soak glass ideal for applications where avoiding breakage is crucial. For example, structural glazing, high-rise buildings and glass balconies where a shattered barrier would pose a significant hazard.

Glass partition wall for an internal staircase

Additionally, if the positioning of the glass makes it tough to install, it’s worth opting for panes that are less prone to breakage to minimise disruption. For instance, if a crane is needed or other design elements are structurally reliant on it. The same goes for particularly large glass installations and custom panels due to the time and expense involved in replacing them.

The brand new abc Glass heat soak glass service

Given the usefulness of heat soak glass, demand for it is growing. With that in mind, we have recently finished commissioning a new soaking oven to meet the needs of our clients. This will enable us to test toughened glass panes of up to 2m x 3m in size prior to dispatch. What better way to offer customers added peace of mind when suggesting glass features?

New oven for heat soak testing of toughened glass panels at abc Glass Processing

Available products include bespoke heat soaked safety panes for glass stairs and floors, balustrades, frameless glass doors and much more. All of which can be manufactured in a range of 5-9mm thicknesses as required* to suit your specific application.

*Heat soak testing is not typically required for 4mm toughened glass, as panes would likely shatter during tempering.

The heat soak glass oven at abc Glass Processing can test sheets of toughened glass up to 2m x 3m in size

On top of that, we can also heat-test toughened, laminated glass. Fitted with a special interlayer to hold glass panes together in the event of a breakage, laminated glass has an even lower risk of shattering! These are perfect for homes with young children and pets, alongside business premises bound by strict health and safety policies.

How to order heat soaked panels from abc Glass

Whether you’re an architect, builder or a specialist shower screen installer, if you need heat soak glass cut to size, you’re in the right place. Simply give us a call on 023 92 678 222 or send us an email at [email protected] with your requirements.

Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the design – such as any unusual shapes, sandblasting, tinting or bevelling requests. However, we aim to deliver all heat soak glass panels within two weeks of you placing an order.

Better yet, delivery is free to postcodes throughout central south England. You can even double check whether your address is eligible before contacting us using the map below.