abc Glass operative cutting glass to size on the air cutting table

Glass Cut To Size

We offer glass cut to size with CNC cutting, waterjet cutting or hand-cutting of laminate glass sheets, cut and toughened glass sheets, fire resistant glass and mirrors in a variety of thicknesses. This includes bespoke shapes and cut-outs for fittings (such as plug sockets and drill holes) to your exact specifications and designs.

Depending on the size and specifications of the glass to be cut, our skilled and experienced glass cutting experts will recommend the right specialist glass cutting machinery and tools for the job every time.

Expertly cut glass to suit your needs

Using the latest Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) glass cutting service we are able to offer bespoke cut glass of the highest quality with almost limitless possibilities with regard to shape, size and glass thickness. For more precise shapes and intricate detailing our master craftsmen like to go back to basics and can cut most shapes by hand to precision.

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How is toughened glass cut to size?

Glass, both toughened glass and laminate glass , can be cut to size using your DXF files (associated with CAD) as a guide. We can also work with your physical hardboard templates that can be scanned using our Prodim Proliner scanner. Using high-tech digital measuring technology, this will create a DXF file, which can then be sent to be cut on our Genius cutting table.

At our Genius computerised and robotised glass cutting workstation, glass from 4mm to 19mm thick can be cut with minimal fuss and manual labour. Redefining the standards of CNC glass cutting tables, this is the safest, quickest and most accurate way for us to cut large sheets of glass in batches and for one-off orders. We input the data and measurements and the smart technology does the rest.

Where can I get quality glass near me?

Whether you want a glass shower door, glass balustrades or a particular mirror design cut to size, abc Glass Processing provides the best glass cutting services in central southern England – veering the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Wiltshire and East Dorset areas. Get in touch today to experience the sharpest glass cutting service in town!