Laminated glass stair treads

Glass Staircases & Floors

Our advanced laminating capabilities and glass cutting service allows our accomplished team to produce the following toughened glass elements in a variety of thicknesses (depending on your foot-traffic requirements) and effects:

  • Glass stair treads for regular stairs
  • Glass stair treads for floating stairs
  • Walk on glass floor panels

The wonder of walk-on glass panels

While our made to measure glass stair treads for floating stairs and regular staircases can be used within a home or commercial space – particularly in large living rooms or atriums – to make a contemporary style statement, our walk on glass panels have more varied applications.

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Glass floor panels could be used as feature floor panels to allow additional natural light into basements for an airier more spacious feel or as a structural glass floor for an internal raised walkway that really shows off the architecture and/or heritage of the building. Glass floors can also be used outside as part of a cohesive garden design scheme for a glass balcony or even over a walk-on water feature.

Glass staircase and flooring surfaces

These might have a clear or textured surface and, like our glass balustrades, we always manufacture these from toughened glass that is slip-resistant and scratch-resistant for maximum safety as well as lasting quality. For maximum design possibilities, the laminating process enables us to include the following finishes in our parts for glass staircases and glass floors:

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Looking for a glass manufacturer that can create and supply toughened glass treads for glass staircases and walk-on glass floor panels? Look no further than abc Glass Processing. With a commitment to turning around the highest quality glass products fast, you will have your specially cut glass to your exact measurements and finish requirements in not time at all.  Contact us today to find out more about our parts for glass staircases and glass floors.