Automated machine polishing glass edges at abc Glass Processing

Glass Edge Polishing

Part of our specialised glass processing services, glass edge polishing refers to the finishing of the cut edges of a piece of glass where it will be exposed in its final use. Glass edge polishing is carried out after the glass cutting process and before the glass toughening stage.  

What is glass edge polishing?

The purpose of this glass polishing service is to create an aesthetically pleasing and safe edge to the glass. For example, take a frameless shower enclosure, glass table top or glass balustrade where the edges of the glass are exposed. Polished glass edges are crucial to a high quality glass processing process in order to give the glass product as much functionality as it has flair.

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Thicknesses of glass between 4mm and 19mm can be easily accommodated by our high-tech Schiatti Angelo glass polishing machine. This can produce either a neat and safe flat finish or an arriss diagonal finish – whatever you wish.

Our skilled glass processing team can polish glass sheets and provide polished edge mirrors in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from simple diameters to more irregular and intricate shapes. Edge polishing is usually carried out on the straight outer edges of the glass but abc Glass Processing can also polish the edges of simple shapes or pieces of glass with radius corners (or dubbed corners).

The ability to polish irregular shapes, and the size of a radius that can be polished, differs by thickness and shape and irregular shapes are assessed individually. Please contact us for more information or to get a quote for your bespoke glass product.

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